Wendy Magnetic Lash

Wendy Magnetic Lash


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This lash is our most dramatic lash in the line and my personal favorite. It’s a FULL lash, very tapered, but not too long or overwhelming. I can’t wait to see some beautiful brides wear these lashes! They truly frame the eye to be the focal point of any look. A true show stopper, these lashes are amazing for any event, those who love a dramatic look, or someone just looking to spice it up!

These lashes are cruelty free, handmade, and can be used up to 30 times.


The “Wendy” is named after my beautiful mama. I could spend all day writing about this woman. She is the reason I am the human that I am. Everything I know about makeup and fashion began with everything she taught me! If I could even be a 1/4 of the amazing wife, mother, and friend she is, I will be satisfied. My mom lives her life full of joy, full of laughter, and with intentionality. She is truly the most sacrificial human I know always serving other people. She’s always taught me to seek Jesus first, to do what is right, to put other’s needs before myself, and to give abundantly. She’s my best friend, my mentor, and my rock.