Rajheen Magnetic Lash

Rajheen Magnetic Lash


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This is our second most dramatic lash! I predict this to be another top seller. If you love the look of extensions, these are for you. They’re longer than the Kaitlyn, but still have a whispy effect. They are less tapered and full at the base of the lash. If you’re a lash QUEEN these will be your new daily lash. If you are new to lashes, but going to an event these are also for you!

These lashes are cruelty free, handmade, and can be used up to 30 times.


The “Rahjeen” is named after another amazing woman in my life who also gave our family one of our most precious gifts. She is FIERCE and determined. She defines what it means to be loyal and she loves with every single fiber of her being. She has so much drive, ambition, and boldness. She lives her life to fully use every single spiritual gift God has given her. She is like a sister to me and I know God will continue to use her to shine for Him.