How to use Magnetic



Our lashes come with 5 magnets on the band and 5 anchor lashes. The anchor lashes are meant to be removed before application. It will affect the overall look and wear of the lash if they are left on. (If they are left on, there is a good chance they will stay on the eyeliner when you take your lashes off! Fear not, that is NOT the magnet holding your lashes together haha.) Okay! Now that we got those anchors off, you're going to give your eyeliner a good shake! Start by applying a layer of eyeliner and allowing it to completely dry. Pro tip: work in small sections, but make sure that you don't go too thin on the line, especially on the inner corner. Now that your first layer is dry, go ahead and apply your second layer and let it dry down too. Once your eyeliner is dry to the touch, just take your lash and apply it from the outer corner to the inner corner and you're all done! Don't worry if you don't nail it your first try. It takes a couple uses to get the hang of it. You'll be a pro in no time! If you feel the least bit frustrated or discouraged, PLEASE EMAIL OR MESSAGE US! We are here to help and walk you through whatever questions you may have! But we pinky promise, this really is so simple and it will become second nature.



our magnetic eyeliner is a water resistant formula. If you follow my removal instructions, there will be no scrubbing necessary. Start by removing your lashes and putting them back in the case! Protect that investment queen. Now, take your favorite eye makeup remover and soak either on a cotton pad or washcloth. Hold that on your eye, I wait about 30ish seconds. This dissolves the eyeliner so now you can just gently wipe it away, no scrubbing needed. It really is that simple!


Anchor Lash 101

What is an anchor lash?
It is a removable magnet with a small cluster of lashes attached.
What are the anchor lashes even for?
Glad you asked! There's some magnetic lash PROS out there who have mastered applying magnetic lashes without the eyeliner and only using the anchor lashes.
How do you even do that?
You start by removing the anchor lashes and then lay the lash band on your natural lash line. Then you take the anchor lash and align them with the magnet securing them UNDER your lash line. It is about as complicated as it sounds. Praise the Lord for magnetic liner!
Can I use them with magnetic eyeliner?
If you want to, sure! Our formula is specific to our lashes and the hold is phenomenal. You do NOT need these, but if you wanted to add an anchor lash on the inner and outer corner for some peace of mind, do you boo.



This is super simple! You can absolutely use mascara on your lashes, but we suggest avoiding using mascara on the false lash to preserve its quality. To clean the magnets, get an oil free makeup remover on a q-tip and gently rub the magnets on the band, lifting up an excess eyeliner. Then take your disposable wand and fluff the lash. Avoid micellar water or oil based remover as it can break down the adhesive.